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Training Institute Management
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Training Institute Management
WebCRM4’s Training institute Management application is a fully customizable and scalable software that is designed to fit the requirements of any business. The following are the features and benefits of our application.
webERP4 Training Institute Management System
Key Features
1 Track students enquiry details for course enrollments
2 Add new trainee, faculty information into the system. Maintain their contact, personal and corporate details
3 Add comments, remarks, and notes on trainee or faculty's account
4 Add / manage designations and assign designations to trainee or faculty
5 Add task to trainee or faculty and approve leaves online. Add and track all call-registers
6 Assign and track online work reports for trainees and faculty
7 Categorize student enquiries. Send Email and SMSs in reply to student enquiries
8 Create email and SMS templates for all marketing campaigns
9 Update website content, training courses etc through the content management system.
10 Add / manage batches, FAQ’s, all testimonials and group faculty members
11 Add / manage course details, online examinations, and projects and assign to students
12 Add / manage course trainee, project trainee and faculty member’s details.
13 Assign courses to trainees in batches
14 Add and track details of courses completed
15 Categorize student enquiries by type depending on their domain
16 Add business location information; take back ups of the database. Collect log details of admin, faculty and trainee.
17 Add holidays, and announcements and communicate with students and faculty members with internal messaging center.
18 Easy to install, fully customizable, automatic e-mail Notifications
19 Manage online books and library
20 Create custom course certificates
21 Custom user roles creation with permissions
22 Online examination, track learner performance and assessment scores,
23 Assign completion certificates to students and project trainees
1 User friendly interface
2 Provides instant access to training details. Delivers training with greater uniformity
3 No training delay for new students and faculty. And delivers training sessions on time
4 Reduces delivery costs per course, increase ROI
5 This application helps to get more value from the training budget and provides training to more people
6 Gives employees more time to do their job. Reduces training-related discrepancies
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