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Lead Management Lead Management
lead management software maximizes your sales opportunities. It helps small and medium entcrmrises to do follow-up marketing efficiently. Consistent follow up gives higher conversion rates.
Client Management Client Management
Organize and manage your clients. Add, manage clients contact and save their projects details.
Vendors Management Vendors Management
Keep track of all your vendors and their contact information. Vendor management system includes advanced reporting features. 
Billing Automation Billing Automation
Automate billing, invoicing, payments, receivables, and collections processes n your businesses. Billing automation application generates invoices automatically.
Applicant Tracking System Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking System application helps consulting companies in their recruiting process. It helps them to manage the hiring process, client relationship and candidate relationship on a single platform.
Employee Management Employee Management
Organize and manage employees. Add, manage employee details and save their designations.
Task Management Task Management
Task management helps to assign tasks and deadlines to employees and monitor their performance on completion of these tasks. All the tasks are assigned with a start and end date, employees update the task on completion.
Consultants Time Management System Timesheet Management
Time Sheet Management provides online time tracking for employees in entcrmrises. It helps to reduce the time and cost of back office processing.
Career Management System Employee Intranet Portal
It is an internal Company homepage where employees and HR team can access all HR related information. Employees can apply leave and clarify or complain issues related to HR.
Training Institute Management Training Institute Management
Training Institute management manages tracks and reports on interaction between the learner and the instructor.
Career Management System Career Management
This application helps you to monitor recruiting process, managing, assessing developing and maintaining your employees. This application provides an end-to-end process of the total Human Resource Management System.
Overseas Education Consultants Management Overseas Education Consultants Management
Overseas Education Consultants Management is a most innovative and time saving application that helps in managing students, counselors and university information’s.
Office Soft Files Backup Office Soft Files Backup
Office Soft Files Backup system is a file and folder backup utility. This will automatically and incrementally backs up your data on a routinely basis.
Hardware Management Hardware Management
Store all hardware information and track everything that happens with your computer, hardware’s, maintaining a full history of all changes.
News Letter Management Newsletter Management
This functionality can be used to update employees of an organization or update customers with new product launch information etc.
Bulk E-Mail Management Bulk E-Mail Management
This is a powerful tool for bulk email marketing. Bulk email marketing or mass mailing is one of the best strategies for generating leads for your business.
Bulk SMS Management Bulk SMS Management
This is a powerful tool for bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS marketing or mass messaging is one of the best strategies for generating leads for your business.
Insurance Management Insurance Management
WebCRM4’s Insurance Management helps to save employee’s corporate insurance information in a secured way. This application is designed to track employees benefits which includes Health Insurance (individual & family), Life Insurance, Vehicle Insurance and Accidental Insurance
Favorites Management Favorites Management
This feature in WebCRM4 helps manage favorites, bookmarks and links online.
Favorites Management Reports
Reports management helps in preparing a data in a meaningful format. These reports can be presented to the end user in an easy to understand format.
Assets Management Assets Management
It helps in creating and managing a data repository of all the assets in your entcrmrise. You can track and manage any kind of asset in this application. Assets used internally or externally can also be managed in this application.
Office Library Management Resume Management
Manage thousands of resumes and provide HR departments and recruitment organizations with a strong, scalable and high-performance automation platform, which helps them to get faster joining candidates.
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