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Office Automation Applications
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WebCRM4 provides your business with a comprehensive suite of powerful web-based Office Automation Applications. These applications have been designed to bring about significant efficiency improvements in your business processes alongside substantial cost savings. Each of WebCRM4’s Office Automation Applications has been thoughtfully designed and refined over the years and can be fully customized and scaled to the specific needs of any business.
Employee Management Employee Management
Organize and manage your human resources effectively. Add employee details, monitor tasks assigned, communicate with employees, etc.
Office Soft Files Backup Office Soft Files Backup
This application is a file and folder backup utility. It will automatically and incrementally backup your data on a regular basis to a secure location.
Task Management Task Management
Create, assign and schedule your tasks and projects using this application. It helps SME’s collaborate in real time and get work done efficiently.
Hardware Management Hardware Management
Manage all your hardware information and track everything that happens with your computer hardware, maintaining a full history of all changes.
Client Management Client Management
Organize and manage your clients. Add and manage clients contact and save their projects details.
Invoices Favorites Management
This application helps manage your favorites, bookmarks and links online in an easy to access format.
Quotations Contacts Management
Store and manage all your business contacts information in a secure location via this application.
Office Library Management Office Library Management
Our easy to use library management application helps organize, manage, browse and locate books in your library.
Vendors Management Vendor Management
Keep track of all your vendors and their contact information. The application also includes advanced reporting features.
Quotations Insurance Management
Securely save employee’s corporate insurance information and track employees benefits.
Billing Automation Billing Automation
Automate billing, invoicing, payments, receivables, and collections processes. This application also generates invoices automatically.
Quotations Reports
Prepare and present data in a meaningful and easy to understand format to the end user.
Assets Management Assets Management
Create and manage a data repository of all assets in your entcrmrise. The application can track and manage any kind of asset.
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