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Business Development Applications
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WebCRM4 provides your business with a comprehensive suite of powerful web-based Business Development Applications. Like our other suits of applications, these have also been designed to bring about significant efficiency improvements in your business processes alongside substantial cost savings. Each of WebCRM4’s Business Development Applications has been thoughtfully designed and refined over the years and can be fully customized and scaled to the specific needs of any business.
Lead Management Lead Management
This application helps maximize your sales opportunities. Consistent follow up gives higher conversion rates and this application helps SMEs conduct follow-up marketing efficiently.
News Letter Management Newsletter Management
This application can be used to update employees within an organization and customers with information relevant to them such as new product launches, etc.
Tele Caller Management Tele Caller Management
This WebCRM4 application helps customer service representatives provide instant answers to customer enquiries. It gives you complete insight into the nature of customers calls.
Bulk E-Mail Management Bulk E-Mail Management
This is a powerful tool for conducting bulk email marketing or mass mailing which is one of the best strategies for generating leads for your business.
Billing Automation Billing Automation
Automate billing, invoicing, payments, receivables, and collections processes in your businesses. Among other things, this application generates invoices automatically.
Bulk SMS Management Bulk SMS Management
This is a powerful tool conducting bulk SMS marketing or mass messaging. It is one of the best strategies for generating leads for your business.
Quotations Contacts Management
This application allows you to manage and store all your contacts information in a secure location.
Office Soft Files Backup Office Soft Files Backup
This application is a file and folder backup utility that automatically and incrementally backs up your data on a routine basis.
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