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Overseas Education Consultants Management
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Overseas Education Consultants Management
WebCRM4’s Overseas Education Consultant Management application helps you to manage students and applicants right from start to selection to visa and document processing. This application will help you keep track of information like selection of universities, programs and admission processes.
webERP4 Overseas Education Consultants Management
Key Features
1 Add / manage applicants / students data from various sources
2 Send bulk SMS and bulk email to students under marketing campaigns
3 Add / manage follow-up email templates and SMS templates for future use
4 Manage enquiries, vendors and client contact information in this application
5 Add countries, currencies and other details
6 Save all student enquiries information which can be used in future marketing campaigns
7 Applicants area – Student or applicant registers online here for overseas education
8 Add students note, schedule appointments and register all the enquiry calls
9 Add applicants resume and assign applicant's account to Remote Counselor
10 Reassign applicant's account to another employee to process
11 Track all applicants' follow-up information, registration information and reports
12 Track walk-in student / applicants' data information and reports
13 Track, monitor and save direct office visitors information into the application
14 Maintain a complete report of all the courier details
15 Track all incoming and outgoing calls information
16 Update all students with information about the university shortlisting processes
17 Store overseas education packages and price list information
18 Prepare reports on total number of overseas admissions, visa processing information and departure details
19 Employee details and daily status
20 Add / manage branch office details
21 Add / manage employee targets
22 Employee Area - Keep track of employee daily work details, online leave application, visitors info, internal mail management, favorites management
23 Add / manage tasks for employees and manage online library for applicants /students and employees
24 Hardware management, assets management, office backup system
1 Track day to day applicants and employees activities. Monitor target achievements and employee performance
2 Monitor visitors status on a day to day basis
3 Send bulk emails and SMS for business development
4 Track applicants payment details
5 Update all applicants and employees with country guidelines
6 Follow up all unattended applicants enquiries. Assign applicants account to your employees
7 Increase ROI and decrease TCO
8 Fully scalable and customizable to your business needs
9 WebCRM4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world
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