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Fee Management
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Fee Management
WebCRM4’s Fee Management Application helps in student billing. It also provides course fee details, student payment history, mode of payment, balance information etc. The following are the features and benefits for billing automation through this application.
Billing Automation
Key Features
1 Create package templates for all the courses with their price details
2 Add new courses with price list and save information
3 Create new student account and save information
4 Create new faculty member’s account and save information
5 Enter project package amount, students paid amount, pending and balance amount.
6 Create and send invoice to students through email. Add more than one course in the invoice
7 Calculate discounts. Add Service Tax, Pan number and account number details
8 Suspend course and fee details from the application
9 Track pending, closed and deleted invoices. Follow up on pending invoices
10 Generate reports and send auto email notifications
1 This application gives a clear picture on the billing process
2 Helps the applicant / students in easy billing process or payment process
3 Increase revenue, decrease TCO
4 Set discounts and inform students. Track and follow up on student payments
5 Improve cash management
6 Fully customizable and scalable
7 WebCRM4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world
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