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Employee Management
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Employee Management
WebCRM4’s Employee Management application makes it easy to keep track of your company’s human resources at the press of a button. This feature-rich, fully customizable and scalable application makes it easier and more efficient to monitor and manage employees from different locations, supervise their work reports and productivity, track time, etc. In total, our application enables your business to make more efficient use of its human resources while saving you time and money. It also helps at the time of employee appraisals.
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Key Features
1 Add / manage employees
2 Manage employees' personal details, family details, company details
3 Add / manage employee designations
4 Check employee system backup facility and hardware details
5 View and edit employee insurance details
6 Add / view employee task status
7 Add / check employee work report daily / monthly
8 Monitor employee call register list
9 Track employees related to projects / clients
10 View, approve or decline employee leave request
11 Give employee administrative permissions
12 Monitor employee log details
13 Add announcements / holidays / birthdays / notes
14 Communicate through the internal messaging center via email or SMS
15 Search employee with name, designation or place of work
16 Suspend or inactivate an employee from the application
17 All employee details can be managed as Active and In-Active
1 Easy to use
2 Fully customizable
3 Fully scalable
4 Tracks up to date work status
5 Reduces TCO and increases ROI
6 Ability to add employees, easily and flexibly
7 Reduces the daily work of the HR department, increases productivity, employee satisfaction, and generates significant cost savings
8 Eliminate paper work. Go green
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