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Lead Management
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Lead Management
WebCRM4’s Lead Management application helps maximize your sales opportunities. Recognizing that consistent follow up results in higher conversion rates, this application helps small and medium entcrmrises perform follow up marketing in a more efficient and systematic manner by automating the process and thereby minimizing deliberate interaction to conduct it.
webERP4 lead management
Key Features
1 Add / manage new leads obtained via a website, telephone or direct enquiry. Leads details are automatically captured from the website
2 Classify leads into hot, warm or cold depending on the follow up response. Decide the next course of action for each such lead
3 Assign lead responsibility to employees or a team. This will prioritize their objectives
4 All follow up details can be attached to each lead with notes, comments or remarks
5 Create email and SMS templates and save them for future use. These templates are used to send follow up emails and messages to leads and prospects.
6 The number of follow up emails and messages will be display on the leads and prospects account
7 All the pending enquiries and leads details can be used for future campaigns and promotions
8 Manage, view, update the lead status. Update lead feedback and remarks.
9 Search lead or prospect information
10 Move lead or prospects details from one category to another
11 Send bulk emails and SMSs to all the active leads
12 Send reminder follow up emails and SMSs to all cold or inactive leads
13 Categorize enquiries / leads on services requested and move them to the respective domains
14 Block an IP address or a group of IP addresses
1 Easy to use.
2 No need for a full-time administrator
3 Centralizes marketing accounts and improves sales forecasting
4 Reduces the sales cycle and increases revenue
5 Increases sales executives performance and productivity. Improves the sales tracking process
6 Monitor and keep track of all sales leads. Gives quick access to lead status
7 Speeds up the sales lead distribution process. All sales lead can be manually or auto distributed to employees on time
8 Optimizes communication with qualified prospects. Improves customer satisfaction by faster response to enquiries and helps to convert qualified prospects to confirmed clients
9 Helps business increase their ROI and decrease TCO
10 WebCRM4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world
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