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Vendor Management System
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Vendor Management System
WebCRM4’s Vendor Management application helps to efficiently monitor vendors’ information, and their products and services giving you a competitive informational advantage besides generating cost savings. It can be fully customized and scaled to your business’s specific needs.
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Key Features
1 Add / edit vendor category
2 Add / edit vendors with other details
3 View, edit and manage vendors information
4 Add new services to existing vendors account
5 Activate or inactivate a vendor in this application
6 Suspend a vendor from this application
7 Search vendor by name or category
8 Send instant message to vendor through email or sms
9 Add notes to a vendors service
10 Add appointment information with a vendor
1 Fully scalable and customizable
2 User-friendly interface
3 All vendors information is stored in a secure place
4 Saves time and money
5 WebCRM4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world
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  • "Total business solutions in Information Technology. This application makes the marketing management easy as never before"
  • "This Service is to save your time and ease your procurement process."