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Newsletter Management
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Newsletter Management
WebCRM4’s Newsletter Management application enables you to keep your customers up-to-date with information about your latest products and services, and other relevant information and developments. This functionality can be used to update not only your customers but also employees within your organization.
Newsletter Management
Key Features
1 Create an email category which can be used to categorize all business requirements. Categories are added to each email template
2 Create, view, edit, copy or suspend an email template. These are used to send newsletters with product promotion or campaign information
3 Send newsletters to leads, prospects, confirmed clients and pending enquiries
4 In each email template the user can insert banners, website and ALT tags as per the marketing campaign
5 Keep track of all the undelivered emails as well.
1 Helps in product publicity and company branding
2 Enables in building long lasting relationships with your customers
3 Tracks the number of newsletters sent for each marketing campaign and the response from customers.
4 Fully customizable and scalable
5 WebCRM4 applications are web-based and accessible anytime and anywhere in the world
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